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Municipal District Services


Municipal District Services is a full-service operating company, providing a total district management package, including the following services:

24 Hour Service & Repair Hotline
Utility Repairs & Maintenance
Customer Care
Facility Operations
Builder Services
Health, Safety & Regulatory Support

Districts that select MDS receive a total approach to system-wide management and operations. This includes not only treatment plant and system operations and maintenance, but comprehensive business management practices from computerized billing and collection, to customer care, long-range planning, regulatory coordination and management of capital improvement programs. Board Members can turn their focus to the big-picture issues and allow MDS to handle the day-to-day operations, personnel, and customer service duties.

In case of a water leak, sewer problem, or any other issue related to the operation of your water service. Call anytime, 24 hours a day 281-290-6503 or MDS Toll Free Number: (855) 290-MDS1. MDS will respond immediately to the situation and provide a solution.

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