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Harris-Montgomery Counties MUD 386 Water Shortage Update 2-May 30-4:30 p.m.-Stage 3 still in effect

Water plant 1 is back to full capacity. Water plant 2 remains inoperable at this time. Outdoor water use is PROHIBITED including Landscape Irrigation Use, Pressure Washing, Car Washing, Swimming Pool, Construction and Aesthetic Water Use. Please share this information with your neighbors and encourage them to turn off irrigation and to register to receive emergency alerts at http://www.municipaldistrictservices.com/notices.html

STAGE 3 WATER SHORTAGE CONDITIONS continue to be in effect for Harris-Montgomery Counties MUD 386, the “District”. The District has triggered Stage 3 of its Drought Contingency and High Water Demand Plan for the Harris County portion of the District. The District is a customer of Harris County Municipal Utility District 387 (“HC387”), which provides water supply services to the Harris County portion of the District. HC387 owns and operates two water supply facilities. The facility located in the Timarron subdivision was damaged by the recent flood waters and is not operational. Water plant 1 is the only plant operational. Consequently, HC387 is unable to provide full service at this time, however the current water supply is safe to drink. Repairs to water plant 2 are scheduled to be complete in June. Once the repairs are complete, full service will be restored. Customers in the Harris County portion of the District that includes Creekside Park and Carlton Woods at Creekside are PROHIBITED from using water for any and all outdoor purposes including Landscape Irrigation Use, Pressure Washing, Car Washing, Swimming Pool, Construction and Aesthetic Water Use.

We encourage customers to register to receive priority alerts at http://www.municipaldistrictservices.com/notices.html

The Board of Directors of Harris-Montgomery Counties MUD 386 appreciates your water conservation efforts and look forward to providing additional information in the near future.

Harris-Montgomery Counties Municipal Utility District No. 386 Board of Directors are open to the public and are held regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the offices of the WJPA located at 2455 Lake Robbins in the Woodlands. However the June meeting is scheduled for June 30th at 2pm at the offices of the WJPA.

Water and Sewer Services: Contact the District’s water and wastewater operations company, Municipal District Services’ 24 hour service at ​​​281-290-6503 or for Billing & Customer Care, dial ​281-290-6507



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