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Municipal District Services

Builder Services

Municipal District Services is dedicated to working with builders and contractors to ensure start-to-finish construction compliance.

If you are a home builder or contractor, MDS is eager to partner with you to assist with construction plan approval, water service installation, compliance inspections and to ensure repairs to damaged facilities are handled quickly.

Builder Requirements:

Prior to beginning any site activity, earth moving, lot grading or material deliveries, contact MDS to initiate service and schedule a pre-construction inspection.

In order to begin service with MDS the following items are required by our office:

  • Set of plot plans/site plans - (residential)

  • 2 Sets of building plans approved by the District engineer - (commercial only)

  • Application for utility service

  • Payment payable to District

After these important pieces are received by our office, MDS will schedule the first pre-construction lot inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that District facilities relating to valves, manholes, fire hydrants, storm sewer inlets, other District facilities on the lot where you are building are in good condition.

After approval, a water tap will be installed. As building processes continue, call our Builder Services Department at 281-290-6503 (option 2), MDS Toll Free Number: (855) 290-MDS1 or via email at bldrservices@municipaldistrictservices.com  to schedule subsequent required inspections.


  •  A builder deposit may be required

  • One-Time Application Fee

  • Tap & Meter Costs

  • Fire Line Connection

  • Inspection Costs:
    ~Pre-Facility and Post-Facility Inspections
    ~Sanitary Sewer Inspection
    ~Storm Sewer Inspection
    ~Grease trap Inspection
    ~Sample Well Inspection
    ~Swimming Pool Inspection
    ~Customer Service Inspection
    ~Backflow Inspection/Test

Important Points to Remember:

  • The number of inspections required and the cost associated with each will be based on the approved plans provided to MDS.

  • Inspections require a 24 hour minimum notice to be scheduled.

  • Inspections can be requested via phone at 281-290-6503 (option 2) or fax at 281-392-3643 between 8am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

  • Inspections are performed Monday through Friday, no inspections are completed on the weekends or holidays.

Important Forms:

In order to ensure District compliance, please contact our Builder Services Group at (281)290-6503 (option 2)


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